An Efficient World Through Effective Thought

We believe in the possibility of a better world by providing people the means to improve their thoughts and actions in an effective and logical way without the discouraging and disorienting artificial complexity of today's world.

It is our mission to spread awareness on the impact of constructive long term thinking in which sustainability play's a major role. Education forms the base of knowledge in our modern day society and we would like to introduce schools and youngsters to alternative way's by which they can grow up in a less violent and egocentric environment.

Our future decisions are always build on our past experiences, and through improving the quality of the past by being aware in the present, a lot of negative experiences can be countered from early on. By teaching youth and adults to take responsibility for their own thoughts and actions personal power is returned to the individual which then can be used to make true long term changes in todays soceity.

In building a sustainable future we should be critical about the processes and materials that are being used in shaping our environment. The impact of largely unknown threats do endanger our planetary species in a disturbing but mostly unknown fashion.

Through providing society free decomplexified streams of information we want to contribute to a constructive way of thinking. To do this we use distribution mediums such as books, papers, audiovisual presentations, videos, podcasts and blogs.

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